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Scott LuntWelcome!

I know how strange it is to browse a web site about me, so please forgive the narcissism for the moment. I needed a place to collect my work information, portfolio, and similar items. It only made sense to put all of those things here.

Within this site, you can find my resume/CV, some links to a number of my recent and not-so-recent products (Photos and Articles, Video Production, Web Production, etc), links to my media research and publications, a little about my background and my interests, and whatever new material comes up.

Much of my content finds its way to my blog:, But a lot of items are hanging around on my channels on YouTube, EverydayExplorers, Flickr, and similar sites.

I hope that this site will give you a better sense of me professionally and personally. Thank you for visiting!!
(photo by Ross Goldberg)