At the risk of incriminating myself, I'd like to include with my resume some personal thoughts so that any prospective employer or client might have the opportunity to get to know me a little better. After all, resumes and portfolios can be awfully impersonal.
Having been born and raised in a small Arizona desert town, I spent much of my young free time in the outdoors. Since both of my parents were Arizona school teachers, my family was also known to escape the summer heat and retreat to our mountain property in southern Utah from the day school was out until the day it was back in session. We worked and fished all summer. Needless to say, I built a great love for the mountains and the outdoors.
Since I was young, I was always a gadget kid, fascinated by the inner workings of anything mechanical and electronic. That fascination grew into a High School tv/electronics guru and a college computer guy. That has since grown into "handyman" skills of all kinds, from furniture design and building, to home improvement and construction, to auto mechanics.
Amazingly, my small-town high school ran its own TV news program, even broadcasting the sports events live. I spent two of my high school years working with the studio as cameraman, director, and technical director. As it turns out, this was a major influence for me, instilling a latent passion for the media that would emerge again in graduate school.
A combination of my love for the outdoors and a craving to fly helicopters prompted me to attend Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah where I immediately enrolled in the Army ROTC program. For the next few years I immersed myself into the program pursuing the coveted "gold bar" of an Army Lieutenant's commission while also moving toward a bachelors degree in Electronics Engineering Technology. Prior to completion of the ROTC program, I enrolled in the Utah Army National Guard, where I served with for several years. As an added bonus to my Army training, I was sent to Fort Benning, Georgia for Army paratrooper school. It was a short and intense three weeks, but one of the best memories of my adult life so far. That same summer I was also sent to ROTC Advanced Camp where, for five rigorous weeks, I was graded on my leadership abilities and received a mark of 4 (out of a possible 5) which put me in the top 15 per cent of my platoon.
Somewhere along the way I developed an interest in creative writing and upon completing ROTC, I transferred to the nearby University of Utah in Salt Lake City to join up with the U of U English department in a pursuit of an English degree. I was awarded my Lieutenant's commission through the University of Utah ROTC. During my studies at U of U, I picked up several creative hobbies such as photography, songwriting, and creative writing. I began to consider myself an artist and have since been trying to hone my skills as a short story writer. I later finished a creative writing BA at San Francisco State University in the evenings, while working full time.
While in my early college years (there have been many!), I began to dive heavily into the field of computers. And, when I finally felt relatively comfortable with this field, I spent more and more time behind a computer screen which naturally moved me into full time employment in the field. It was a nice combination of my gadgetry impulses and creative impulses, which allowed me to pursue graphic design, web design, and desktop publishing.
I relocated to the Phoenix valley in February of 1996 and, for three years, enjoyed a career as a freelance Web designer and graphic designer, among other things. I spent many hot summer days out in the field either working or playing.
In October of 1999 I took a job in San Francisco leveraging my acquired management and computer skills to help build software for an internet audio recording company. I worked hard at that job for three years where I met many great colleagues who I still work with today. Next, I decided to start my own company and co-founded Rising Sun Media, LLC specializing in design and presentations for the commercial and litigation arenas. Five years later, the company is still going.
My time spent with Rising Sun Media, however, has reduced considerably over the last few years. In October 2002 I married Robin, the love of my life. Robin and I decided to pursue graduate degrees together so we headed out to Brigham Young University where she attended law school and I worked on a MA in Mass Communications. This gave me a great opportunity to specialize in the field of new media. From the first day, I focused much of my coursework on Internet-based communications. Over the three years, I was asked to present lectures in several classes, taught a class, published work, and paneled at conferences. During the summers, I found work at KXJZ Public Radio in Sacramento, and at in DC.
Robin and I applied for study-abroad programs in Madrid, Spain and Budapest, Hungary, two of our favorite places in the world. While living in Europe we were able to visit dozens of wonderful cities and villages in several countries. All of this travel sparked our interest in learning about other cultures and we did our best to brush up on our language skills. While living in Madrid, I developed an almost-conversational level of Spanish (I wish I could say the same about Hungarian). In Budapest, we studied the 1956 revolution, communist-era governments, and even experienced riots first-hand!

After graduation, I took a job as a senior producer for National Geographic and we moved to Washington DC where we now live. Working with the National Geographic digital media team for more than a year was a highlight of my career. While at NG, I spent most of my time working with the short-form video product. I also helped to produce several sections of the web site, including Everyday Explorers, a user-generated video site.

I look forward to many more years of working in the web and video fields.
- Scott