Over the last 12 years I have been involved in the production of literally dozens of web sites. Simple screen shots would not do them justice. Many of the projects have gone through natural evolution over the years and do not resemble my original production. However, some recent projects still do carry my stamp as a producer, especially the following projects from my time as a senior web producer at National Geographic:

The Hudson - The River that Defined America
As a content specialist for this very thorough and informative web site, I was responsible for generating more than 90 minutes of video interviews, dozens of photographs, and writing nearly 10,000 words of highly researched text. National Geographic and the National Parks Service teamed up to build the site which focused on the Dutch period of New Netherland (later New York). This web site is now the most comprehensive online resource for New Netherland education and information.


U2 3D movie web site
As senior producer for this site, I guided the design and assembly of this substantial project. This project was particularly difficult because of the wide number of stakeholders, including National Geographic's film department, U2, and the producers of the movie. In spite of such a challenging environment, our team was able to put together a very innovative design including hearty use of Flash.


National Geographic Video
I was not involved in the initial design of this site. However, for more than a year, I oversaw the content that was used in this video player. I selected daily features from over 2000 short-form video pieces and made regular edits to encourage the highest viewer engagement possible. All the while, I monitored traffic trends. On my watch, the video traffic grew exponentially.

Everyday Explorers user-generated video at National Geographic
This was an ambitious and innovative project I developed with a team of designers, developers, and a project manager. I was involved from concept to delivery and through the promotion stage. The team had to consider every particular detail of the site. I was the primary force behind soliciting video submissions and was successful at populating the site with several hundred user-submitted videos in a few short weeks.


Earthpulse, by National Geographic
This flash-based section of the NG web site entitled Earthpulse showcased interactive maps dealing with the human impact on the environment. My role was to coordinate the various cartographers who had produced compelling interactive content and deploy their maps online. I did not produce the map content itself. Rather, I helped to shape it for the Web.


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